19-22 September 2020 Stephanie Quirk Christchurch Workshop

Posted by Kathleen Powell on Tuesday July 20th, 2004 at 1:24pm
“Seeing and Understanding from the Base”
The Karmendrias Part 1 – The outer body extended in locomotion : Feet, knees and hips
Dates :  Saturday 19th  – Tuesday 22nd September.
Saturday & Sunday are for teachers and students, Monday & Tuesday are for teachers only, however, teachers must have attended the Saturday and Sunday sessions.
Venue : Christchurch
Contact : Frances de Haas

The following attachment outlines the series of subjects that Stephanie will be conducting in the different workshops.

STEPHANIE QUIRK 4 days in Understanding the Base

The first two days include experienced students, as well as teachers and trainees.  Stephanie defines experienced as “not how long they can hold Sirsasana, but do they want that ‘further studies programme’ that is on looking, and seeing the touch, and transformations in the asanas they practise”?

This is a wonderful.opportunity for the South Island, as our numbers are not so large, but our sincerity and commitment to development of our skills make up for it!  For those who attended the therapy course held in Auckland, in some ways, this is a revision, but more a different approach, but also more in-depth, but outcomes more relevant to teaching in general classes.

Further details, such as cost to be advised.




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