To apply and sit for assessment, whether it be an Introductory Level 1 or at a senior level, a teacher must adhere to certain criteria. The Teacher’s Certification Handbook can be purchased from the Association and gives comprehensive detail regarding the process.

The assessment process, based on the experience and observations of senior teachers, evaluates whether or not candidates are ready to teach at the level for which they have applied.

Candidates, at each level, are assessed on their personal practice, their teaching skills and knowledge of theory and philosophy of yoga and to be successful must attain a pass in each section of the assessment. At assessment the qualified assessors use marking sheets and specific criteria, in accordance with international guidelines, to evaluate the practice and teaching of asanas of each candidate. A cumulative mark from the assessors is averaged to give the result.

Assessments are usually scheduled three times per year in Auckland or in other areas, depending on applicant numbers. Usually the assessment is conducted over a weekend and participants are required to be available from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.

The schedule for the assessment (arrival time, time of asana practice, when the candidate will be teaching, time for feedback, etc) is sent to each candidate by the Assessment Co-ordinator approximately four (4) weeks before the assessment.

Please note:
Assessment deadlines will be enforced more strictly (but not unreasonably) from January 1st, 2020. 
If an assessment application form or the assignments are going to arrive late, it is necessary for the candidate to communicate in advance with their assessment coordinator.
If delays/missed deadlines are not communicated in advance, the candidate will not be eligible to sit.


Assessment Application and Referral Forms 

Application for Introductory Assessment 2019

Note: The fee for Introductory assessment is $250. Please play to IYANZ: 06-0199-0081273-00. Use ‘Assess/ Name’ as the reference.

Introductory Assessment Referral Form  

Application for Junior Intermediate Assessment

JI Assessment Referral Form

Application for Senior Intermediate 1,2,3

SI Assessment Referral Form


Assessment Practice Sequences and Syllabi

Introductory Sequence 1 (2019)

Introductory Sequence 2 (2019)

Junior Intermediate Level 1 Practice

Junior Intermediate Level 2 Practice

Junior Intermediate Level 3 Practice




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