Meeting Reports and Minutes

Meeting Reports and Minutes

Treasurers Report for AGM 2022

Moderators Group Report for AGM 2022

A&TT report for AGM 2022

IYNZ Executive Report to the AGM 2022

IYNZ AGM minutes 2022

Moderators Report – 2021 AGM

A&TT 2021 AGM report

IYNZ 2021 Reveiwed Accounts

IYNZ Executive Report to the AGM 2021

IYNZ AGM minutes 2021

IYNZ PR Report to AGM 2020

STAG report to AGM 2020

Report from A&TT to AGM 2020

Ethics Report to AGM 2020

IYNZ 2020 Reviewed Accounts

IYNZ Executive Report to AGM 2020

IYNZ AGM Minutes 2020

PR Report IYNZ AGM 2019

STAG Report for AGM 2019

A&TT Report for IYNZ AGM 2019

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