Seeing and Understanding from the Base with Stephanie Quirk


Seeing and Understanding from the Base with Stephanie Quirk

Workshop in Christchurch

This workshop of Stephanie Quirk’s is  “Seeing and Understanding from the Base – part 3“.  It is the 3rd in a series of workshops which she has been running in Christchurch for  teachers, trainees and experienced students of Iyengar yoga.  The purpose is  to learn yoga therapy as it is applied to those who need help and are facing difficulty in their practices.
There are many obstacles on the path of yoga and how we face and overcome our own and our student’s challenges is the largest part of its practice and teaching. Those obstacles and limitations provide us with the most learning.
The “Base” is our practice, seeing and understanding is what we will be doing over the 4 days. An important part of the course is that the participant has experienced the work, the changes, and the adaptations. It is not a theoretical subject, although there is opportunity for questions as well as interaction and sharing of experience as we make our way through the work each day.
Each subject can be taken on its own, it is not necessary to have attended a previous part or subject. In all there are 7 parts. The whole series begins at the outer seeable measurable physical body and part by part we enter deeper into the unseen and immeasurable embodiment.
Click here to dowload the flyer Seeing and understanding from the Base.
Event Dates

Sat, 3 Feb - Tue, 6 Feb

Event Organiser

Julie Forman

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