Glenn Ceresoli – Mana Retreat Coromandel

Glenn Ceresoli – Mana Retreat Coromandel

A week of intense practice with Glenn Ceresoli in the Coromandel

Stephanie Hall, Waikato

Over the last 20 years or so, I have been fortunate enough to study with Glenn over a dozen times.
This most recent retreat was my 4th week long immersion. To be able to leave my own life as a full time yoga teacher, part time marriage celebrant, running my own studio, for a full week of intense practice was such a gift.
No cooking or cleaning or having to take care of anyone else was complete bliss. To be a student full time. One very happy yogini.

I always say, the best type of holiday for a yoga teacher is to go somewhere beautiful and be taught yoga everyday by someone else. As yoga teachers we can all agree on that. We’re kind of weird that way.

The retreat began on a Tuesday evening. Everyone was very excited and grateful to be there. There were a lot of teachers in the group, quite different from last years where Eira Kramer and I hardly knew anyone as there was a large Australian contingent. Although it was kind of a nice change to be anonymous… This time it was great to be amongst friends.

What impresses me most about Glenn, is his ability to quietly and confidently guide us through his teachings. Practising 6 hours a day, starting with the Gayatri Mantra, silent sitting, Pranayama, then Asana. Back in the afternoon for another Asana session.
With over 40 years of practice and teaching, the detailed instructions seem to effortlessly flow from him.
His repetition of words designed to bring us back to ourselves.

“Regular, consistent practice over an extended period of time equals change and development.” “Be aware of your existence at this moment.”
“Measure, monitor and manage.”
“Soften the face, the throat and the abdomen.”
“Adapt, adjust, accommodate.”
And my favourite, ( when you’re about to expire from his legendary long holds in the Asana, he quietly says, )
“Turn the corners of your lips up.”

Not once did he get ruffled when we were all getting noisy and excited about doing something we hadn’t done before or in a while.
Like Bird Balances on the last day!
He was cool, calm and collected.
Except when discussing anything to do with politics, or the state of the world in general.
Then he got excited! Usually at our lively after dinner conversations where both Margaret and Glenn were very generous with their time.

His skill at building the momentum of the classes. Seemingly starting quite simply. Basic poses that were suddenly experienced through fresh eyes. Unique instructions that changed the pose as you were experiencing it. Building upon these foundations, so by the end of the week, I and I think everyone there, felt transformed.

We were lucky to have his wife Margaret with us too. She was a solid and affirming presence to have in the room. Her passion for her spiritual practice and her generosity in sharing her beliefs and stories was truly memorable.
It was lovely to see the interaction between Margaret and Glenn. A mutual respect and admiration. She proved to be a willing demonstrator and also a wonderful assistant. A senior teacher in her own right. We were fortunate indeed to have her and Glenn’s years of experience and hands on adjustments throughout the whole week.

If you haven’t experienced Glenn’s teaching, I encourage you to go to his weekend Raglan workshop or week long Mana retreat next year. You won’t be disappointed.
It was a memorable experience and I’m already booked for next year.

To spend this time immersed in the practice, with like minded people and a teacher with the wealth of knowledge and passion that Glenn has to share, is a unique opportunity. And one for which I am truly grateful.

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Mana Retreat
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