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Christchurch East Yoga


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(027) 6865146



38 Bowhill Rd North Beach Christchurch Canterbury 8082


Welcome to Christchurch East Yoga, a purpose built yoga studio situated just 50 metres from New Brighton beach.
Our studio welcomes students of all levels and offers an unique experience with our team of Iyengar yoga teachers, each operating independently and offering their own classes and prices.
Our team of five certified Iyengar Yoga teachers includes, Anne-Marie Tweedie (senior teacher) , Frances de Haas, Colleen Adamson, Michelle Polglase, Julie Forman and teacher in training, Kate Deans.
Each teacher brings their own experience and expertise to the studio, enabling students to choose from a range of classes and approaches to Iyengar yoga.
In addition to our Iyengar Yoga teachers, our studio also houses a Stress Release Physiotherapist, Fiona Young. And Julia Kaiser, a qualified Osteopath and Massage therapist.
We believe that these additional offerings provide a well-rounded approach to health and well-being that compliments the practice of yoga.
If you are interested in learning about each teacher’s specialties and qualification’s, please visit our teachers page. We invite you to join us at Christchurch East Yoga and discover the many benefits of yoga for yourself.

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